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Craftsmen behind the scene

Made in France quality


Composed of 6 passionate people, Maison Hypsoé is a human sized company. Our strength: commitment and creativity are the values we share.

Our fragrances are designed in Paris by major perfume houses and made in Grasse.
The wax and the perfumes are french and are certified without CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reproduction toxic substances). The manufactring is french and they is no Benzene, Formaldehyde and Acrolein inside the products.
The cotton wicks sizes and the perfume/wax mix are carried out according to strict and tested protocols to minimize the soot emission.

More than a job, a tradition

Most of our production steps are manual and guarantee the french handmade excellence.
Aluminium foil rolls are delivered to our manufacturer to be cut in square pieces
Varnishing and polishing of the copper candle container ensure a perfect finition
Manual sanding brings vibrancy and reinforces the mineral touch
Perfume from Grasse blended with wax
Selection of the cotton wicks sizes
Pouring of scented wax into the glass
Manual adjustment of the wicks on still hot wax (glass candles)
Manual adjustment of the wicks on still hot wax (metal tin candles)
Cooling tunnel of the metal tin candles
Assembling wax with silk-screened glass
Covering by protective lid