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Hypsoé company presentation

Hypsoé has been enthusiastically crafting its collection of fragrances. Each of them has a mission: to provide you with a true olfactory experience.

A bit of history...

{1995 - 2020}

6 dedicated staffers

The company is created in 1995, with a first series of scented candles with subtle fragrances and packaged in an unusual aluminium container. An initial selection of ten fragrances is born.

Very quicly, the uniqueness of scents captures the interest of loyal customers: demand comes from both the hotel industry (customization way) and smaller "niche" boutiques (for the Hypsoé brand).

During its first few years, the brand keeps a rather low profile to better highlight its clients' names. It's only later that greater visibility will be granted to the Hypsoé brand as such, with new listings in decoration shops, flower shops and concept-stores.

Today, Hypsoé is getting ready to celebrate its 25 years in style, with several thousand customers, 15 collections, 50 suppliers and vendors, 50 appearances in the best trade shows specializing in decoration, the hotel industry, and gardening... hundreds of satisfied reviews from customers, six great olfactory families, one million candles in their metal tin, 30 colors of candle glass, 40 countries…
and six dedicated staffers.

The founders & key dates

In 1995, Gilles Dewavrin company is created by Mr Dewavrin, who comes from the fashion industry. A trend-setter on this category, he draws inspiration from flowers, tea and from the East. At that time, Maison Gilles Dewavrin is the first to offer aluminium containers for candles.
In 2006, change in ownership.
The company is purchased by Nicolas François, CEO of « Le Comptoir des Fleuristes – Rungis » and Isabelle François, previously a Marketing and Sales Director in major publishing houses. From this date, a real desire to upscale the company position to the high interior perfumery will settle with the creation of new scents and collections. To symbolize this mutation, a new top of line graphical charter and logo is created in 2007.
To celebrate the 20 years of the company, Isabelle François creates the Wooden collection in collaboration with the designer Antoine Phelouzat. This creation upgrades, once again, the brand image with products highlighting French know-how and innovation, going along with the creation of a new brand: in 2015, Gilles Dewavrin becomes Hypsoé with a new baseline: "Parfums de Maison - Paris". Today, Hypsoé company is one of the leaders in the high interior fragrances market.

Hypsoé - Parfums de Maison

A name that makes sense

HYPSOÉ : arrangements of six beautiful letters in reference to the ancient Greek word HYPSOS, meaning height.

Also an anagram of HYSOPE (HYSSOP in English) : Mediterranean, aromatic and vivid plant.