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Wooden Collection

Where perfume meets design
Maison Hypsoé created
to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The happy union between sensory-rich and botanical

Isabelle François, Antoine Phelouzat and Olivia Deslandes have combined their skills to sublimate your interior atmosphere with the aesthetic and sensory dimension.
The first idea was to propose shells with a "deco" feel so that they can fit harmoniously in your living spaces.
The Wooden concept: A delicate interplay between simple materials, making Wooden altogether singular and familiar.
Ritualize the experience and become beautiful

When it is done well, a fragrance sublimates the atmosphere, and its exhalations can even take us to other lands.
The candle is surrounding us with its protective virtues ; the diffuser is enhancing the intimacy of our interiors with an air of comfort.
The design is user-friendly: thanks to the wood and concrete containers, our candles and diffusers become "eco-refills" and can be replaced to infinity.

Base made of solid wood grown in French forests, certified PEFC (sustainably managed Frenc forests). Hand-made by French artisans and manufacturing compliant with French and European regulations.
2 shells made of natural or black acacia wood stained beech.
7 scents, all available in refills.
2 shells made of natural or black beech wood
1 shell made of cork - 36 scents, all available in refills.
2 shells made of light or dark grey concrete.
36 scents, all available in refills.
2 shells made of natural or black beech wood.
6 scents, all available in refills :
Boréal, Coromandel, L'orée du Potager, Lounge, Figue, Mimosa
1 natural shell made of linden wood.
3 scents - non-refillable:
Fig tree leaf - Eucalyptus leaf, Pine resin - Tea leaf, Lime
Hi Lise, thank you for letting me know about the wooden collection, beautiful, very sophisticated, I will order in September
Karin K.

Love it!
Richard C.

Thanks. Already ordered it at the show :-) which means I must like it haha. Hope your are well. Also ordered the room sprays. You still have one of my favorite lines in the world. Best,
Anthony C.

Hello,That looks very interesting. They would be nice in our rooms and shop for sell. What taste would you suggest for a mountain resort? Best regards
Daniel C.